When out-of-the-box solutions just don’t fit your needs.

您是否对现有的工具感到沮丧,而这些工具本应使流程变得更容易? It may not be you: It may be your system software. 您的现成软件产品和软件应用程序可能不适合您的业务.

每个企业都是独一无二的. Even industry- or function-specific software can’t always fulfill your requirements, and your information technology department may not be able to help. 是否从头构建应用程序, 或者“回填”你现有的解决方案, custom software 发展 services from 金沙乐娱app下载 技术 解决方案 is the answer.

金沙乐娱app下载 技术 解决方案’ software 发展 services help you to increase productivity, 节省时间和金钱, 减少挫败感. 金沙乐娱app下载提供分析, 设计, 发展, 测试, implementation and maintenance of custom business applications.

金沙乐娱app下载自定义软件 & 集成





金沙乐娱app下载 LIFO解决方案



Whether you need to streamline accounting data or integrate your CRM with your ECM system, any company can benefit from a custom integration. 自定义集成可以进一步定制您的软件体验,并通过结合提高交付速度的效率(将正确的信息传递给正确的人)来减少错误, 在正确的时间.

Drive deeper value from your software investments by integrating essential tools, and build unique 功能ities built especially for your unique business needs. 在金沙乐娱app下载技术解决方案,金沙乐娱app下载已经为许多组织和行业构建了定制集成. These integrations can impact every level of your business, 提供更精确的报告和计划, 提供更清晰和更简单的协作.


  • 集成基本工具 – Allow communication between systems without migrating or disrupting data
  • Build unique 功能ities built for your business -允许自由添加功能,为您的业务模式或行业提供定制的好处
  • Drive deeper value from your software investments – Create tools that are specially built and tailored for your organization, creating buy-in from decision makers and executives


金沙乐娱app下载技术解决方案,金沙乐娱app下载已经为许多组织和行业构建了定制软件. These solutions can impact every level of your business, 提供更精确的报告和计划, 更清晰和更简单的协作. 金沙乐娱app下载的软件工程师可以用多年的软件设计经验为各种规模的企业创建软件.


  • 创建基本工具 -专为您的业务设计
  • Drive deeper value from your software investments – Create tools that are specially built and tailored for your organization, creating more buy-in from decision makers and executives.


“Since 1996, 金沙乐娱app下载 技术 解决方案 has been our software 发展 partner. During this 20 plus year relationship we have asked 金沙乐娱app下载 to create, implement and support more business-critical applications that I can count. 没有他们的专业知识, professionalism and dedication to executing on time, 金沙乐娱app下载不会成为今天的公司.”
对称外科, 金沙乐娱app下载 first helped us implement best practices in our basic operations, 与金沙乐娱app下载的内部资源一起在网络基础设施方面提供额外的帮助, 帮助台操作, 以及国际位置支持. 从那时起, 金沙乐娱app下载在不断变化的领域(如网络安全和数据库优化)提供大量专业知识方面发挥了关键作用. We value our partnership with 金沙乐娱app下载 技术 解决方案.”


ProForm是一个基于订阅的软件模块,它将AIA计费功能直接集成到圣人Intacct的ERP会计平台中. 为承包商编制进度账单模块在圣人Intacct基于云的会计平台中工作.


服务贸易 & 圣人Intacct集成

Building Smarter Accounting for Commercial Service Contractors

ServiceTrade的商业服务承包商的应用程序,使在线参与整个服务周期从报价, 对调度, 对调度, 完成服务调用. 使用ServiceTrade的公司可以通过ServiceTrade和圣人Intacct之间的无缝集成进一步简化业务.

金沙乐娱app下载技术解决方案可以帮助您最大限度地利用ServiceTrade和圣人Intacct集成来改善您的会计流程. 通过使用这个积分, you can ensure you have the right tools to build profitable, 与客户保持长久的关系.


  • Quick invoicing after service delivery, no waiting until the end of the week/month.
  • 消除双重数据输入.
  • Customer data synched to 圣人Intacct for a single source of the truth.
  • 使用来自ServiceTrade的信息来利用圣人Intacct维度来实现更健壮的财务报告.

网络 & 移动应用程序

您的业务是否需要移动应用程序? Perhaps you are a non-profit looking for an application for your next fundraiser. Or you are a manufacturing company that needs an application to track inventory. 金沙乐娱app下载技术解决方案的认证开发人员精通移动平台应用程序开发的各个方面, 包括用户界面设计, 应用程序体系结构, 和测试.

Every mobile app that we build is tailored to suit your exact requirements. 金沙乐娱app下载可以根据您的规格定制金沙乐娱app下载的移动或web应用程序,并提供您在本地应用程序中找不到的混合应用程序的灵活性. 金沙乐娱app下载的定制移动应用程序开发专业知识跨越所有流行的智能手机和平板电脑操作系统,并确保金沙乐娱app下载根据金沙乐娱app下载在医疗保健等不同行业的多年工作经验开发类别定义应用程序, 制造及分销, 非营利性, 专业服务, 政府, 保险, 公用事业公司, 体育及娱乐, 还有更多. 金沙乐娱app下载的应用程序是由金沙乐娱app下载的开发团队根据您的特定要求构建的,并由金沙乐娱app下载的项目管理和质量保证团队监督.

Benefits of 网络 and Mobile Application Development

  • 自定义应用程序和网站 to help your organization achieve business excellence
  • 代码是自定义构建的 to meet your needs and 设计ed to facilitate future requirements, 比如附加组件, 跨平台和未来更新
  • 丰富的沉浸式用户体验 为了你的客户、选民和员工


人们说知识带来力量. Organizations invest big dollars into gathering data; operational, 金融, 行业统计和社交媒体. 但是你该怎么处理这些信息呢?

在当今时代,数据是不缺乏的. But unless something is done with this wonderful information, it’s all for nothing. 金沙乐娱app下载 技术 解决方案 understands that it’s not about pretty excel sheets and charts. 这都是关于洞察力! In order to drive successful change, one must have insight into one’s business. Our team of business intelligence (BI) consultants know exactly how to do just that.


  • Gain visibility into the complex relations of your business
  • Enhance decision-making processes within your business


For over 20 years, 金沙乐娱app下载 技术 解决方案 has been inspiring greatness through technology. 金沙乐娱app下载理解可靠的技术基础设施对您独一无二的业务是多么重要. 作为你的伴侣, we evaluate your unique business processes and current systems, then identify and apply the most effective solutions.

金沙乐娱app下载技术解决方案是公认的行业标准软件屡获殊荣的经销商. If your business needs are beyond what an out-of-the-box software can offer, we will tailor a custom software solution to fit your specific business needs.

金沙乐娱app下载的顾问建立联系, 培养创新, 建立持续沟通, 并与您合作,设计最佳的系统集成方案,帮助您更好地经营业务. 金沙乐娱app下载重视客户的经验,并将其作为金沙乐娱app下载解决方案的重要组成部分,以确保金沙乐娱app下载赢得您的信任,并随着您公司的发展成为长期合作伙伴.

Whether you need to supplement or outsource a single function, 需要一个你可以信任的盟友, or are in the market for a comprehensive business partner, 金沙乐娱app下载技术解决方案可以是您的定制软件开发公司,无论您的业务需求是什么.


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